At the very outset, long prior to beginning the record, the appeal of the story and the idea of the title were based in a long relationship that I’d had. Certain circumstances in my own relationship were paralleled somewhat by circumstances in the myth, particularly the unselected distance between them and the obstacle (the river) that kept them from being together, so it seemed to fit together well; give it a greater context. As time passed and I kept bouncing the idea around I became increasingly aware that, in a multitude of different relationships (families, friendships, communities, marriages, etc), these obstacles—these rivers—exist, and in many different shapes, sizes, and incarnations. So it served as a fitting symbol of those stumbling blocks.
The number 7 appears in various forms musically throughout the album, as well as in the general structure of the album. I’ll leave it at that. Revealing too much would take the fun out of it.- Jordan Dreyer

Olive Penderghast’s cool parents.

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this is how we dress in 2014

I love how fashion comes back around

I love how this gif comes back around

TITLE FIGHT-You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You

Real friends . Handguns . The wonder years

Good morning from Texas.

I’ve given up on you, and my skin, and my bones [x]

Title Fight - Lefty (x)